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The Team

Who We Are

Chris Young

Founder & CEO

Meet Chris, a highly skilled post-production colorist and the proud owner of a boutique post-production studio, See Why Color. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing visuals to life, Chris is a true artist in the world of color grading and correction.


Having honed their craft over 15 years in the industry, Chris has worked on a diverse range of projects spanning from independent films to commercial advertisements, music videos, and everything in between. Their expertise lies in enhancing the mood, tone, and overall aesthetic of any visual content, ensuring that every frame tells a compelling story.


As the founder of See Why Color, Chris has cultivated a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and personalized service to clients seeking a bespoke touch in their post-production process. The studio serves as a creative haven where Chris and their team collaborate closely with filmmakers, directors, and producers to achieve the perfect look for each project.

Kate Leone

Assistant Colorist

Meet Kate, an emerging colorist with a longterm passion for image manipulation. Starting with darkroom photography and digital art in her teens, Kate has always strove to reflect our world through her trick mirror.

Outside of work, Kate paints and plays the bass.

Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

Craig Harf

Assistant Colorist

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